“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”

— Sarah Ban Breathnach —


Challenge your perspective. 

Wallner Media’s vision is to be a cutting edge, solution driven media corporation, developing and producing content across all platforms. We are dedicated to succeeding in all markets, existing and emerging, in all areas of the world. Wallner Media will implement a disciplined strategy in the acquisition and production of all projects. A New York and Los Angeles based company with global reach, our goal is to generate significant long-term returns and build a library of quality entertainment and a diversified foundation for future growth.


    Founder & CEO
  • Robert Altchiler
    Robert Altchiler
Founder & CEO

An extensive 17 year career on Wall Street where he was recruited to build sports and entertainment divisions for investment banks.

Born in Jamaica Queens, New York, Jeff Wallner was exposed early in life to the big city before moving to Holtsville, Long Island.  Excelling in sports, Jeff rose quickly to all American Athlete in high school with impressive winning records and memorable performances.

Consequently, Jeff received a full player scholarship at the baseball powerhouse of Louisberg college in North Carolina, where he received a business degree and won praise on the baseball field, including playing in two Connie Mack World Series in New Mexico and a college world series in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The high point of Jeff’s athletic achievements was when the Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds and Boston Red Sox vied extensively to recruit him. Unfortunately, a career ending injury forced him to abandon his dream of becoming a professional player.

Undeterred by the difficult setback, Jeff followed his father’s footsteps in aerospace engineering at Grunmmann where he built F-14 and EF-111 jets.

Simultaneously, Jeff honed his communicative skills and salesmanship by working on weekends at an elite country club on the gold coast of Long Island. Hobnobbing in a “Great Gatsby” setting with industry barons,  led Jeff to strike a friendship with a banking Tycoon who offered him a job on Wall Street.

Jeff Wallner had a successful seventeen year career  in wealth and portfolio management on Wall Street. In addition, he strategically developed Sports and Entertainment divisions with firms like Ladenburg Thalmann & Co, CIBC Oppenheimer, AG Edwards, resulting in a client roster of more than two hundred professional athletes and entertainers with earnings and contracts exceeding a billion dollars. Jeff also secured more than 40 endorsement deals with the likes of Fox Sports, the Miami Heat organization, 2014 NYC Super Bowl event, and other well-known brands. After leaving his position in the regulated equity markets,  Jeff created a private equity business raising debt and capital for various start-up projects. More recently, Jeff developed an investment platform for artistic endeavors.

Robert Altchiler

Robert Altchiler began his professional career as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, NY. As a prosecutor and young lawyer, he tried dozens of cases and ran investigations, including a wiretap investigation designed to prevent the assassination of a prominent NYC judge. After five years, he left, to pursue one of his dreams in becoming a criminal defense attorney, and defender of people who needed a strong advocate, in a multitude of circumstances.

As a defense attorney, Robert defended various criminal matters, for indigent people, police officers and organized crime figures, on both state and federal levels. In 1996, Robert attended the National Criminal Defense College (NCDC), a “Top Gun” for criminal defense attorneys. There Robert became indoctrinated into storytelling, as an art form. Shortly after moving into private practice, Robert began teaching law students and members of the bar on various aspects of trial advocacy. He taught in the Intensive Trial Advocacy Program (ITAP) at Cardozo Law School, and lectured practicing lawyers on Cross Examination.

Robert began appearing as a legal commentator on Fox News and Court TV and appeared dozens of times. His television appearances cultivated his already developed fascination with movies, film and other entertainment forms.

Because of his contacts in the country music world and in the United Kingdom, Robert became a trusted advisor and counsellor in the entertainment world, opening an office for his NYC law firm on Music Row in Nashville.